From time to time Pastor Jonathon writes something that is published elsewhere. We will add things as we can. In addition to the content below, Pastor Jonathon writes regularly at May the Lord use the content to help you know Christ and make Him known. 

  1. Who are the Evangelicals? (For the Church) 
  2. The Glorious, Radical, Ordinary Christian Life (Desiring God).
  3. A Simple Formula for Effective Preaching (Desiring God).
  4. Pride is Poisoning Your Happiness (Desiring God).
  5. Gospel-Division that Creates Gospel-Ambassadors (For the Church).
  6. In Their Steps (For the Church).
  7. Repentance: Running to the Greatest of All Treasures (For the Church)
  8. The First Step of Sermon Prep (For the Church)
  9. The Good News of Penal Substitution (For the Church)
  10. A Book Review: The Pastor's Family (Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood)
  11. The Gospel is Better Than Amnesty (Southern Seminary)
  12. New Testament Survey (The Bethlehem Institute)
  13. Chasing Contentment (For the Church)